Description: Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page! (Or FAQ for short) This page hopes to answer some general questions that you may have based on the site. These questions aren't usually formated in anyway, so feel free to read through for a better understanding of the site!

Question 1: Are all of these games free?

A: Absolutely! If they weren't free, this would be a bad site compared to literally any other site...

Question 2: Will this site steal my info?

A: Nope. This site has no malicious code, and all of our links and games are checked to make sure they're as secure as possible! You can even click to the left of the website url and see that the website is indeed a secure place. Also, the site will never ask for any info ever, so if a game does or the site url has 1 or more spelling errors DO NOT ENTER ANY PERSONAL INFO AT ALL!!! Make sure the site url is void of any spelling errors or added characters. It should look exactly like this: https://joaquiniam.neocities.org/

Question 3: This site looks simple or old, why is that?

A: This site was actually made using Neocities, a web-based free website creator. Neocities itself is semi-old, but if your question is why the site looks simple or unpolished it's because I made this site pretty fast and I plan to make it look A LOT better in the future. Stay tuned for that update.